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We are two firms working together specializing as a single service provider for the creation and administration of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts and other innovative business incentives that:

  • Stimulate economic development
  • Enhance community vitality through creative growth solutions
  • Relieve local officials of burdens relating to complex annual administrative responsibilities




of Life




The TIF Illinois team consists of attorneys, economists, mathematicians, business experts and rural development professionals.

Is your town the right size for TIF? Discover our average TIF community income.

We are the only firm in Illinois
with a combined 100 years of TIF knowledge and services. We live and work in Downstate Illinois communities, and that background gives us direct insight into your community’s needs

Does Your Community Need Economic Development?

  • Does your community want to attract more businesses, create jobs, improve public services, and revitalize the local economy?
  • Will existing businesses respond to business retention and expansion incentives?
  • Have you heard about TIF, and how it can help?

We can untangle the complexities of TIF’s as well as other incentive programs. With our ongoing support services, our involvement does not end when a TIF District has been created.

Because of our continued involvement, local officials may confidently shift their attention toward setting policy and strategic decision making without having to be concerned about the administrative details of maintaining a Tax Increment Financing District.

The Economic Development Group, Ltd. is a Registered Municipal Advisor, registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB).

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To learn more about Tax Increment Financing and about the experts of Jacob & Klein, Ltd. and The Economic
Development Group, Ltd., call us and ask for our complimentary “TIF 101” introductory meeting.


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